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Well, I’m leaving for the airport in approximately eighteen hours. In a somewhat lackluster display of procrastination and poor planning, I didn’t start packing until today. Not surprisingly, I had a hectic day. US Airways made things worse, since you can only check one bag that weighs less than 50 pounds. One bag for four months abroad? Roger that, US Airways. Thanks.

This is probably more than 50 lbs.

I’ve heard that Spaniards dress up a lot more than Americans, so I’m basically counting on wearing dark jeans, khakis, and collared shirts just about all the time. I didn’t even bring any casual shorts — just athletic shorts for working out. I am sure that I will regret this decision right around the time I’m slogging around in Madrid’s sweltering heat.

Anyway, I’m thinking that I’ll actually be blogging pretty regularly. My folks are empty-nesters now, and they’ve demanded regular updates. I’ll do my best, Mom.

The plan for this week: Madrid and Toledo. I’ll be hitting a LOT of museums, including the Reina Sofía, la Academia de Bellas Artes, the Naval Museum, and of course the Prado. And I plan to do a lot of walking, trying to get a feel for the different barrios of Madrid: Malasaña, Sol, Puerta, Lavapiés, and the others. Unfortunately I’ll be doing this little Madrid excursion on my own, since the timing didn’t really work out to get a travel buddy. But there will be plenty to do, and it’s only going to be a week before I’m in Alicante starting my program.

Wish me luck in Spain! Un abrazo fuerte – Lee.


Written by Lee

August 24, 2011 at 17:47

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