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In the midst of an otherwise uneventful weekend, I up and decided to go to Altea with my Dutch girlfriend.

Pictured: My Dutch girlfriend.

Altea is a small fishing village, located — like Alicante — on the Costa Blanca. Every Spaniard who told me about Altea gave glowing reviews: my host mother, my professors, and my intercambio speaking partner. So along with three buddies (the Amstel thing was a joke, I really do have friends!) I went to Altea. Our group consisted of a USC student named Josh, my Japanese host sister Yuki, a Russian postgrad student, Anastasia, and me.

Uh..."and I."

Anyhow, we got up early (well, for college students on a Sunday morning) and made our way to the tram station at Plaza Luceros. 7€  got us a round trip ticket, which wasn’t bad considering that the ride is an hour and a half long.

We made it to Altea without a hitch and had lunch on the beach. The “beach” was actually quite rocky, not at all like the soft sand that blankets Alicante’s beaches. The Mediterranean water was very blue, and when the waves broke you could hear the rocks getting picked up and rolled along the shore. That isn’t poetic hyperbole, you could actually hear them moving. Video proof:

What do you mean I can't bring my spear gun?!

As nice as the water and scenery was, at the end of a few hours I was thinking that perhaps a rocky beach was not worth the trouble of three hours’ travel. The whole group was tired — we were dragging butt all the way back to the tram station. Sometimes being in a foreign country is exhausting. You can love Spanish and you can love Spain, but there will still come a time that you get burned out. You don’t want to speak Spanish, you want English. And I think that’s how we were at this point in the trip. “Yeah, yeah. Cool beach. Let’s go home.”

At this point, my friend Josh came through for us. “¿Queréis ir a la iglesia que está en la colina?” “Do y’all want to go to the church on top of the hill?” He indicated a bell tower, some ways off. We had some time to kill before the next tram — no one wanted to go to some church, but no one wanted to be the killjoy who said so. So we dragged ourselves off the benches, and off we went.

At the top of the hill, we found — well, I’ll let y’all see for yourselves.

This last picture is a panoramic — click on it to see the full version.

Needless to say, this trip is just what I needed to kill some of that burnout. My new classes start tomorrow, and I will start them as motivated and enthusiastic as ever. ¡Nos vemos!


Written by Lee

October 5, 2011 at 08:10

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