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A Washington & Lee junior and Marine Officer Candidate in Spain

Spain is Different: Part II (Big on the Pig)

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Spaniards are fond of pork. Very, very fond.

More like, "Pig in the Oven."

I could go on about all the pork dishes here, but I’ll just share two. Chorizo is a national delicacy, it’s a sort of sausage that is made by stuffing cured pork inside the pig’s own intestines. Mmmmm, que rico. I actually do like chorizo, though, so I won’t really bust on it. But morcilla is another matter. Morcilla is basically coagulated pig blood, shaped into a little black patty. Sometimes there are flecks of rice or something to give the dried blood sausage a little bit more texture.

Nom nom nom

Grossed out? You’re welcome.


Written by Lee

October 9, 2011 at 10:16

Posted in Spain

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