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Weekend Trip to Granada

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I’ve just gotten back from a weekend trip to Granada…it was a bit cold and rainy, but apart from that I had a fantastic time. Nos pasábamos genial, as the Spaniards would say.

I could go on for a couple thousand words about all the things we did in Granada, but I think that’d be sort of boring to read. A quick laundry list:

– Saw a flamenco show: this was amazing, and way different than what I was expecting. I wish I had pictures of this — I tried to take a video with my phone, but it was just too dark inside.

– Ate great (and cheap!) tapas: In the south, you order a drink and you get a tapa free. Tapas are little morsels — you eat some here, some there, and you try a little of everything. This weekend I had jamón ibérico (Iberian ham), shellfish, Spanish tortilla (NOT like a tortilla in the United States — it’s basically a potato/egg cake), and a half dozen other delicious plates. I also tried a few types of vino tinto, or red wine. Before coming to Spain, I wasn’t much for wine, but it’s really growing on me.

– Toured the Alhambra: This ancient Moorish fortress defended the Islamic territories in Spain for centuries, until it finally fell to Christian forces in 1492. The whole place is beautiful: everything is intricately detailed with geometric patterns, and there are gardens, pools, and fountains everywhere.

– Visited the Royal Chapel and the Cathedral of Granada: the Royal Chapel is the final resting place of the Reyes Católicos, King Ferdinand of Aragón and Queen Isabelle of Castile. The Chapel is a massive gothic structure with Renaissance decorations. It adjoins the city’s cathedral, which is even bigger and decorated with nearly decadent pomp and luxury.

– Went souvenir hunting: there are about a billion super touristy shops in the streets of Granada, and we probably went into about half of them. Most of them sell the same junk: T-shirts, hookah pipes, etc. But I picked up a few gifts for friends back in the States, and some post cards. I’m hoping to get a Tercio (Spanish Legion) keychain, and maybe a Spanish flag (although they aren’t actually very popular here in Spain).

– Had a few cups of tea at one of Granada’s tea shops: these places are famous — they have dozens of types of tea, chai, and the like. We tried an oriental blend that tasted strongly of honey, and nibbled on a few pieces of baklava. It was fantastic. Perhaps of lesser novelty, but certainly just as enjoyable, was our visit to a coffee shop. We had some pastries (coffee cake layered with raspberry sauce) and café con leche. The hot drinks were perfect for warding off the frigid temperatures.

Anyway, thanks for being patient and reading all that. The “laundry list” was way longer than I originally intended…and that isn’t even everything we did! Now for the good stuff — photos! The first one you can click on to see a panorama.

These figurines are for Semana Santa, a religious holiday...but man, they're creepy.

My friend Emma in the tea shop.

A few friends and I after trinket-hunting!


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October 24, 2011 at 08:22

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